Search Everything, Search Everywhere

A presentation at Google Cloud Developer Community Meetup in in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Aravind Putrevu

Search is an integral part of our life these days, finding insights, information, and answers. Today what we Search has grown to heaps of Structured and Unstructured Data. You may not realize it, but you probably use Elasticsearch every day.

  • When you hail a ride on Uber from your home to the office, Elastic is the one that pairs you with a nearby driver.
  • When you are searching in an e-commerce site for a product, it might be calling Elastic-search under the hood.
  • When you swipe Left or Right on Tinder, Elastic is the one that matches you with the people you like.

This talk will introduce you to Elasticsearch in a conceptual and hands-on, practical way. We will talk about clusters, documents, indices, types, shards, and nodes. But we will also see each of these concepts in action via live demos. We will feed actual information into the Elasticsearch service on Google Cloud and later retrieve it by searching for it!

At the end of this talk, you will be comfortable spinning up your very own Elasticsearch service for your very own application!